Senior Management

  • Mr. WANG Jingbo (王靜波) — Chief Executive Officer

    Mr. Wang, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, is primarily responsible for the Company’s overall business development and growth strategies, Board governance and supervision of key management issues. Please refer to the section headed “Executive Directors” for more detailed information.

  • Mr. LIU Zhihai (劉知海) — President

    Mr. Liu, President of the Company, is primarily responsible for the Company’s overall investment activities, management and business operation, corporate governance, human resource management, as well as public and investor relations. Please refer to the above section headed “Executive Directors” for more detailed information.

  • Mr. TAN Jue (譚崛) — Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Tan, Chief Financial Officer and the Joint Company Secretary of the Company, is primarily responsible for the financing, financial reporting, budget planning, internal control, compliance, and financial management operations. He also leads or oversees the Company’s major investment transactions.

    Mr. Tan has over 11 years of experience in financial management, cross-border mergers & acquisitions, and corporate governance. He joined IDG Capital in 2013 and has been responsible for, as an executive director, the execution of the fund’s investment in companies in growth and mature stages and has also gained extensive experiences in the management of portfolio companies in areas of finance, operation, internal control and corporate governance. From 2006 to 2013, he worked for the deals group of PricewaterhouseCoopers (“PwC”) Consultants Shenzhen Limited Beijing Branch for 7 years.

    Mr. Tan graduated with a bachelor’s degree of Economics from Renmin University of China. He is a fellow member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

  • Mr. LEE Khay Kok (李啟國) — Vice President

    Mr. Lee has over 24 years of experience in upstream oil and gas exploration and development, in particular in the fields of production enhancement and fracturing stimulation. Mr. Lee worked for Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield services firm for approximately 19 years and held several key technical positions, including Geomarket Technical Engineer — Principal (chief technical advisor in Schlumberger), In Touch Manager — Stimulation (responsible for 24/7 technical support to Schlumberger worldwide stimulation community) and CHG Stimulation Domain Manager (regional chief technical engineer supporting North-east Asia area) providing technical support and advice to Schlumberger Technical personnel or to oil companies. At Schlumberger, Mr. Lee was involved in many key oilfield production enhancement projects. His involvement in these projects varied from the technical design of the job to field execution and in some cases where he was the engineer in-charge in operations.

    Mr. Lee graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Mineral and Petroleum Engineering from National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan and obtained a master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. Mr. Lee was also a recipient of the 1995 Rock Mechanics Award from the U.S. National Committee for Rock Mechanics for his Master’s Thesis.

  • Mr. HAO Xiang (郝翔) — Vice President

    Mr. Hao,Vice President of the Company, is primarily responsible for the Company’s investment business, including sourcing, coordinating, negotiating and executing potential mergers and acquisitions or investment opportunities, as well as acquisition transaction execution and management.

    Mr. Hao has many years’ experience in oil and gas investments including upstream and LNG. Before joining the Company, he worked at KKR-Yanchang Global Energy Fund where he has been involved in more than 10 oil and gas investments in various countries across Asia, North America and Europe.

    Mr. Hao holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering from University of Pennsylvania and received his bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Beihang University (Beijing).