Business Overview

Investment Strategy

  • Our in-depth energy industry research helps us identify the best investment opportunities
  • We maintain an extensive business development network, at home and abroad
  • We offer outstanding and professional deal execution for complicated and cross-border transactions

IDG Energy Investment invests and manages energy assets in China and abroad through direct investments with its balance sheet cash. The Company captures investment opportunities in the energy sector, and realizes value appreciation and high returns through enhancing asset operations, diversifying its energy asset portfolios, engaging in cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and managing its funds according to economies of scale.

  • Diversified Cross-border Investments

  • Resources Synergy

  • Value Added Efficiency

Strong Focus on the LNG Industry

The Company has been focusing on the substantial investment opportunities arising from China’s increasing demand for imported natural gas and the emerging North American LNG export market due to abundant low-cost shale gas supply.

The Company’s investment thesis in the LNG industry takes into account:

  • China’s domestic environmental pressure and energy structural reform have driven the rapid growth in the country’s demand for natural gas, with an expected CAGR of over 10%.
  • The challenge of meeting gas demand by domestic production, leads to a steadily increasing supply-demand gap. Reliance on import of natural gas is expected to exceed 40% by 2020.
  • China’s geographic difference, with its inland regions relying on pipeline natural gas imports, whereas coastal regions will rely heavily on LNG imports.
  • The long-term supply of low-cost natural gas due to the shale gas revolution in North America is abundant, making the region the largest LNG exporter in the world.

The Company believes its strategic investments in LNG projects and companies in China and North America will benefit from the industry’s fast growth and generate superior returns for the Company and its shareholders.